Managed IT Services

We actively monitor your systems in real time to help prevent the disasters before they happen.

By utilizing a combination of real time events and historical data, we are able to create snapshots of your overall network performance and system health. From there we can identify rogue activity, isolate new threats, and help avoid serious downtime.

Network Monitoring

We monitor your network capacity and status for metrics on a millisecond basis. With that information we can react to changes in network health - often before they cause major issues. We catch the danger before it becomes a concern.

CyberSecurity Protection

With our background in CyberSecurity and Logical Access, we provide strong support and robust solutions to monitor and prevent cybersecurity threats to your company assets and data. .

Software Support

We provide support for any and all 3rd party software systems

No matter the issue, we work directly with the system vendor as your personal liason to provide comprehensive support for all your enterprise solutions.
After our initial site survey and analysis, if the software is inadequate to support your needs or you are unhappy with it, we can assist you in implementing an alternative turn key solution.

Great Service!

“NexxCentury NexxNow IT Services brings me peace of mind.
They're simply amazing. With NexxNow Support, I am able to get the assistance I need when I need it. No waiting, no ticket to submit, I just call and get immediate support and if they can't help remotely, they immediately dispatch out a technician to my business.”

Susanne A., founder of MOST Mortgages

NexxCentury IT Services

Protecting what matters most:

Your Data and Your Customers.

Data Encryption. Enjoy the option of securely encrypting all of your data.
Stop any data breach dead in its tracks by preventing the intruder from stealing critical data; Protect the data crucial to your Business.

Data Backups. Gain increased data security via NexxCentury data backup services to protect the data you value most. With options to backup data during specific intervals or in realtime, we can backup the data you care about most. Regardless of what happens, you can be sure your data is always safe.

AntiVirus. Protect all your workstations from increasing cybercrimes and attacks with our AntiVirus software to protect your data and assets.

ProActive Monitoring

Protected Network. Protected machines. Protected Assets.

AutoMagic. We believe in saving you time; With NexxNow, we provide lightning fast reactions to common issues via Industry Proven and Tested automated programs. This means you're being protected in real time. Relish in the fact that we have your back 24/7. Now thats what we call Proactive!

Cyber Protection Incidents of successful Cyberattacks are growing increasingly more frequent in the especially vulnerable and unprotected world of small to medium sized Businesses.
With our suite of Security Services in addition to our robust Security Team, you can rest easy that we are diligently monitoring and actively working to protect your business from CyberCrime.

Network Protection We have all been there:
your Internet suddenly stops working, thus causing unplanned downtime and destroying productivity at your business...
With NexxCentury's Network Monitoring in conjunction with a NexxNow plan, network catastrophies are a thing of the past. We work to keep your network secure, running and healthy. Thats one less thing to worry about now.

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

24/7 support. With our NexxNow Premium Plan, we’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

Turnaround. NexxCentury offers one scalable and modular IT Service and Support plan, bolstered with minimum response times and included SLA.

Remote Support. For your added convenience, all plans include unlimited remote support and unlimited on-site support.

Plans and Pricing

Annual Contract paid Monthly.
Quickly and easily change your plan whenever you need it.

NexxNow Support

The ultimate package.
Immediate IT support whenever you need it

  • Unlimited monthly support requests
  • 24/7 Direct Dial Technical Support
  • Immediate Response Window*
  • Emergencies FREE On-Demand support
  • AntiVirus FREE
  • File Backup FREE
  • Data Encryption FREE
  • Network Monitoring Identify and Resolve Issues in Realtime
  • CyberSecurity Monitoring Identify and Resolve Issues in Realtime
  • Hurricane Prep Quick and Timely assistance helping securing your IT Assets